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Warwick Castle, July 28th 2002

It took us a while to get off the stage (once again the security didn't seem to have a clue of what to do with us, but this time we didn't mind ;)), so that we started dancing to "Cloud #9" from up there :).

The rest of the concert was amazing... the crowd was totally over the moon! At the very end, Bryan came to the mike with a big smile and said something like...
"This is our last gig for this year..."
The crowd: "NOOOOOOOOO!!!"
Bryan: "...Unless you want us back of course!!!"
The crowd: "YEEEEAAAAH!" :)
Bryan: "Well, actually, we might be back soon!" :):)
Then he said how he enjoyed the tour and how great Warwick was... and wished everyone a happy summer!!!
What a final... and what a show! Surely one of the best, and we will never forget it! Warwick is such a magic place, hope to be back real soon!
Ok, that's it, but I really have to THANK someone now! >>>

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