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... to all the friends who make going to a BA gig a very nice experience and add fun to the fun! :)

Thanks to Anna!!! For all that we shared... and we really shared a LOT! :) *Hug!!!* Grazie davvero Thelma, and remember... London is always here for you! :))

Thanks to Mic and to Marzia & her parents for the big fun...

Cheers to everyone we met... Sabina and her friend, Denise, Paula, Petra, Tina, Anne, Frances, Mark, Will (on stage!), etc,etc (sorry, I know I forgot loads!)! Hope to see ya again soon!

I'd like to take the chance to thank Annie once again for the wonderful time we had at Top Of The Pops a couple of weeks before these gigs!!! You've been such a star! :):)

To the great Toe for stopping the security from stopping me.. thank youuu! :))

Thanks to the mighty trio :) - B, K & M, and the "new guy" Gary too! For so much music and laughs and fun over the years - you're the only ones! :)
... With VERY special and huge thanks to the "Someone" who made it... simply unforgettable :)!

Hugs to all!

Robbi xx

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