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November 2nd, 1999

Anna, Caterina and I, with two other friends, got to the Forum at 1pm.
Some people were already queing at each gate, but not too many. So we took our place, and soon all the other fellow fans we knew from the mailing list and from the webboard joined us. It was really nice to be there all together, and I have to say that the time we spent waiting flied away quite quickly while chatting and joking with all of them.
Well, it was also made much nicer for me by a phone call...:))
Our friend Stefano had a numbered ticket and he didn't need to queue early, so he spent most of the time at the gate where Bryan and the guys were expected to arrive. Well, I called him right when Mickey and Keith had just arrived, so he passed me Keith on the phone without even telling me!!! I heard his voice and I was shocked!! We spoke for a short time, he asked me how I was and if I was coming to the concert! When I closed the phone, I realized all the queue was looking at me with amazement...:-)
My legs were shaking when we went to the gate - Keith had already told me he was going inside, so we knew we weren't in time to find them, but of course I had to thank Stefano!! We could hear the soundcheck perfectly well from there - the stage door was wide open... they were playing TOTTLGOMIY.
Well, at 7pm the gates finally opened. There was a lot of terrible pushing and shoving, I feared we could choke among there!! Anyway we managed to enter and when we got to the stage we reached the 2nd row... we soon realized it was the *best* place, 'cause we were right in front of Bry's mike!!!
The gig >>>