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Birmingham, March 3rd 2002

Getting to Birmingham was a bit of an adventure... from getting up to getting off the train at the right station... ehm...;)... so we got there a bit late. It was nice to meet Deb & Christy and more people over there... Once again, when the doors opened it was panic... but at the end we all managed to reach our first row spot :). Exactly the same position as the night before... looked like we didn't move from Manchester at all! :)

Here I am with Annie and her sister Mich! Lovely to meet you Annie! Thanks for this pic!

If Manchester was good, Birmingham was just *brilliant*!!! For both Anna and me, one of the best shows ever! They were so happy, dancing, jumping, joking all the time!

I must say that it was even better for me 'cause, as some of you already know ;), INTER won the derby against Milan during the gig...;) and Bryan and Keith seemed very happy when I gave them the news! :) Thanks to Annie for sharing our joy, too! ;)

Another great night... the crowd was going crazy! Definitely a very, very good show, probably the best from the musical point of view. They just sounded perfect! :)

Now check out some more great pics by Annie! >>>

(c) Pics by Roberta DS