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Berlin, November 16th 2002

Besides Everything I Do and I'm Ready, both amazing as usual, he sang a totally new, up-beat version of Heaven! It was probably inspired by that dance mix of the song that's going around... but it was WAY better than it of course - really good!
After it, I was starting to worry that he might not play my all-time fave... Straight From The Heart!! I knew it was a "rare" one, so I wrote a banner asking for it :). Bryan was starting talking when he saw it... he smiled and nodded at me, and went on saying something like this:
"I was talking to my manager earlier on and we talked about how old songs have a life of their own... Like this one - this is one of the first songs I ever wrote, I was 18... I have no idea what I was thinking about - I still doesn't know what it means :))), but here it is... "

I knew from the first notes it was the one... It makes me shiver every time, I love it SO much... thank you Bryan!!

...And then he went back to rocking mode again! :)