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Ingolstadt, July 15th 2000

Ingolstadt was a much quieter day, but big fun anyway.
It was our first time at such an open-air festival in Germany. We were impressed by the quantity of beer being sold! :-) Everyone was having a big time.
Joe Cocker was amazing and he even sang on of my fave songs ever... When The Night Comes (let me say it though... Bryan's version is the best by far!!!).
The concert was very good. Bryan was great but a bit messed up :). He got the lyrics wrong more than once :)).
The highlight of the evening was a wonderful mix of Before The Night Is Over and One Night love Affair (!!)... guess he had read all the comments about the 2 songs being similar! :) I hear he's keeping doing the mix at the current gigs, so he must have liked the experiment. Not sure of what Keith and Mickey thought of it though... as they clearly hadn't a clue of what he was doing at first :)).
It was also great to hear Have You Ever Really... which had been left out the night before (in favour of some other great things though!!).
The gran finale saw Bryan taking pics of the audience and jumping down from the stage to greet everyone in the first rows! :) Great guy.
While we could enjoy a wonderful big moon during the 1st half of the show, it started raining after a while... Anna and I were almost used to that :). Nothing as big as Rankweil anyway... although we could see a lot of water being pushed on the stage by the wind... Bryan and the guys surely got wet too. Bryan had to put on his hood and complain about the weather again :).
At the end of the show we enjoyed the wonderful fireworks with all the people. Bryan and the guys left immediately after the show - guess they wanted to have some sleep before rushing to Austria for the F1 races the following day! Bye bye!!

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